How to embed Video (e.g. Youtube) into Wordpress

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If you checked my last 2 posts, you would notice that I embedded two youtube video on them. Well, the experience of embedding the two videos had not been really easy, as a matter of fact, it was so frustrating. The thing is, with the new version of Wordpress, it now has what they called a ‘Visual Editor’. This enables you to write your post in a WYSIWYG environment. Everything was good, until I tried to embed youtube video code into the post ! After I published the post and view it in the blog, the video was just not there ! It’s gone missing ! At the end I managed to do it by doing it in a certain way.
I thought, I can’t do this all the time, other people must’ve had the same problem as me.
Off I went to Wordpress support page, which lead me to this support post here. Apparently there is some bug in one of the javascript file that belongs to the Visual Editor module, which changes the tag to ! No wonder it didn’t work !
Now, there are at least 2 solutions that were suggested:

1. The simplest thing is to turn off the Visual Editing (in User - Profile page). I think I’m going to do this as my default for now on.
2. Using Video plugin. I’m gonna try this out as well.

Here are some other links: here, and here.


Welcome to

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Selamat Datang (Welcome in Indonesian) !

I created this blog, first of all, to ‘fuel’ my thirst of all Indonesian (that’s where I came from). Furthermore, with more and more video websites that emerged recently, such as youtube,, revver, etc … I began to noticed that many videos related to Indonesia have been posted to the Internet. These videos could range from news to musics, and from cultures to funny-videos. I feel that I need somewhere to track/bookmark/consolidate these links, so that I can easily come back to them myself, an also enable me to share my findings with others.

If you have found any link that I haven’t posted here yet, or you have your own video you want to show everybody, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So, here you go, enjoy !

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